Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oswald Did Not Kill John Kennedy

[Source: Plausible Denial by Mark Lane]

We all remember the day in 1963 and the scamful Warren Commission later with bogus evidence and suspicous witnesses (two of whom could barely see 10 feet but made ID's of Oswald in a distant window), but no one even noticed when the CIA admitted contracting the Mafia for the hit during an 80’s trial, “Howard Hunt vs. Liberty Magazine”. Liberty-owned Spy Magazine implicated Nixon "plumber" Howard Hunt in the assassination using photos of him in the crowd there; Hunt's own family suspected him and said he was not in Washington at all that week. They were goading Hunt into a libel suit so they could, as defendant, subpoena CIA witnesses.

Eight former CIA heads testified, including one George Bush, and the same one who signed for and collected the physical evidence for the CIA in Dallas later censored and funneled in part to the Warren Commission, who admitted “the CIA has a policy to take out tyrannical leaders worldwide, including here, and that we had decided that John Kennedy had become such a tyrant”. Robert Kennedy had laid off 90% of the CIA personnel, vowing to "crush the power of the secret intelligence community." The CIA, fearful of losing the cold war, decided if JFK went, so would Robert (the dog wags the tail), and contracted the Mafia for the job, who hired hitmen from Europe (see below) in case they were caught there would be no obvious connection to anyone in the U.S.

There were three shooters as everyone suspected, and none was Oswald; he was eating lunch during the entire incident, as many co-workers testified. It's unlikely he knew anything in advance, being just a former military 'grunt' and errand boy for the CIA, who uses lots of soldiers as paid operatives for small jobs, usually privates in case they disappear, no one of 'importance' is lost, and no one with any real info to give up either - good policy (One of these ops once told me that they also use priests and medical workers who are usually 'above suspicion' and allowed free access, hence their value for small operations, usually information recon and nothing dangerous).

The shooters were all from Marseilles, France, according to A&E's documentary "The Men Who Murdered JFK": one is now dead, another in prison, the third is unknown. The one in prison would testify if the third would also, be he remains anonymous and free.

Even more interesting to me is that Oliver Stone's film "JFK" came out after this trial, yet none of it was included in his film, as if that film was a diversionary cover-up of the real trial involving Hunt and the CIA. Did Stone perhaps put out disinformation for the CIA to help confuse the real information being released in the trial? The alternative is that he was that poorly informed about the very subject of his major film.

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