Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kentucky Derby Day - Huge Exacta and Trifecta

When I lived in California, we'd make each Derby day a group trip to the racetrack, since it followed my ex's birthday on May 1. I learned to bet a five horse exacta box (a "box", you get all your picks in separate bets) at $5 tickets for $100 even. This means that any two of my picks came in 1-2, then I'd win on one $5 ticket.

Not knowing horses and thinking all the "bloodlines" and racing forms to be ripoffs of the gullible, I relied on pure psychic intuition for the numbers, getting them just before the race. Today's were "16-8-4-2-1", and they came in "8-16-2"..

Not only would I have hit my exacta again, but had I bet it, the trifecta as well (many more tickets for that, so I avoided it). Todays winner, Mine That Bird, with jockey Calvin "The Rail" Borel, also a winner in 2007 aboard Street Sense, paid 50-1, the second longest shot to ever win.

The $2 exacta paid just over $2,000! My $5 winner would have paid just over 5,000. The $2 trifecta paid over $41,000! dang.. someone is happy - can you imagine: a $10 trifecta winner would have gotten over $200,000!

Update (5.04) - heard today on CNBC that six people won the "Superfecta" with $1 tickets that paid $276,000! yowie zowie..

I can't bet even on horses here in Georgia, nor can I buy alcohol on Sunday (I don't even drink, but still...) - due to "religious freedom", the ability of the majority religion to completely suppress the rights of the minorities.

Yep, that Bible of the imagination prohibits alcohol, gambling, drugs, consensual sex - all sorts of stuff if you just "read between the lines" (but it allows slavery and the raping of female slaves and genocide) - and listen to your country preacher, who "had the calling" so he didn't need theology school. I think when I need brain surgery, I'll take the guy with "the calling" over the one with education.


hiredbloggers May 19, 2009 at 8:24 PM  

We formalize our plan and choices by reason. WE make up our mind of who God is by choice and reason. Have you experienced true revelation and visited with the mind of God? I can tell you he wants peace among all of us... "It is us who choose the wrong path of reason instead of revelation." God puts it out there if we could only hear it and feel it, but first we must remove our association to the greed, power, and lusts that blind us from seeing God's plan. Everything that is chaos in the world is not of God.. open your hearts mankind, open your hearts by removing your worldly ideals.

Jose Sinclair May 19, 2009 at 10:11 PM  

Is this the old testament God you speak of: YHWH - Jehovah - Allah? The one that rewarded Israel with victories in battle when they were "righteous"? and defeat and subjugation when they weren't? hence, often called "The Hebrew God of War".

OR the New Testament, Matthew 10:34, the words of Jesus: "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth; I came not to send peace, but a sword."

Looking at subsequent history, truer words have never been spoken.
Maybe people aren't listening to the God within, "the kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17:21), and instead are following their nations into war and all those who think this is "God's will", like the ex-president. The Nazis had "God Is With Us" on their belt buckles; it's a common propaganda tactic when you want to wage war - convince everyone that "God wants this", it's a righteous war.

I also fault man, we are nothing but animals bent on self and national preservation above all else. No spiritual values whatsoever, something has to come first, unfortunately it's (1) my family (2) my country (3) myself (4) my buddies/neighbors -- God is down the line somewhere.

Hey, it's all just opinion, being of the "imaginary realm", hence all the differences among people. 36,000 denominations of Christianity can't "all be right", or does it matter at all how one worships? or what name we give to God?

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