Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Evolution Blog, One To Visit

I found a blog I like enough to post about it. Called "Our Evolution", the blog can be found at Our Evolution

Post shown is about 3rd world women having to carry
contaminated drinking water 3 miles on average.

It's about the survival of humanity and making survival a right for everyone on the planet. From Alexander M. Zoltai, here is his own description of himself:

"I'm a poet, essayist, journalist, and humanitarian. Everything I write comes from the desire to help, to heal, to educate.

Our Evolution blog is a process of bringing together Cultural Issues, Personal Commentary, and Spiritual Quotations to Explore the Crises of our time and provide a space encouraging Discussion, Reflection and Action."

Quote is from Alexander's profile here at Blog Catalog, the best blog directory:
Alexander M. Zoltai

This is definitely a ***** blog! That's five stars, not an expletive!


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